Tony Sansone

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Sansone, a stalwart of Machine Solutions, has been integral to the company's financial evolution since joining in 2005. Initially stepping in as the Controller, his strategic foresight and commitment quickly propelled him to the role of Chief Financial Officer. Tony's expertise doesn't just rest with numbers; his holistic approach to business has seen him intricately involved in all facets of the company. He thrives on collaboration, particularly with the senior leadership team, to set the strategic direction and acquisition strategies that continue to drive the company's growth.

Before joining Machine Solutions, Tony garnered valuable experience in the life sciences industry, serving two years with Exeter Life Sciences. This was preceded by his tenure at CIGNA HealthCare of AZ, where he held pivotal roles as the Accounting Director and Regional Budget Director.

Tony is a proud alumnus of Northern AZ University, holding a BS in Accountancy. Outside the corporate realm, he relishes moments spent outdoors with his wife Julie and their dog Bauer. With their children embarking on their independent journeys, Tony and Julie find joy in traveling and cherishing moments with family and friends.

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