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“Urich was the only template that could match our business plan. They understood how we wanted to be as a business.”
Joe Schmoe | CEO of Company

Our Values

Machine Solutions, is a workplace where you can realize your true potential through contributions.  It’s an environment that goes beyond tasks; it’s about being appreciated, relied upon, stimulated heard and motivated.   We work to build an inclusive environment in which everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, age or background can do their best work.  Join our team and make a positive impact on global patients, health and wellness.

Open & Honest Communication

We promote unity through transparent and meaningful communication. Encouraging open sharing of thoughts and ideas, along with receptive feedback, builds trust and collaboration within our team, fostering an open and honest culture.


At Machine Solutions, we value effective collaboration, uniting our team towards common goals, leveraging strengths for high-quality results.

Strong Partnerships

We are committed to integrity and respect for team members, customers, and stakeholders. Our focus on trust and reliability in partnerships fosters a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, benefiting everyone involved.


Creativity and original thinking are paramount to developing innovative solutions to complex problems. We encourage our team to embrace new ideas and approaches and continuously challenge ourselves to improve and innovate, helping us foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

Continuous Improvement

At Machine Solutions, we embrace responsible freedom, encouraging creativity, challenges, and progress. Ongoing learning is vital to us, fostering a culture of continuous improvement where team members reach their full potential.

Professional Development

We prioritize clear paths to success within our organization, urging team members to own their professional growth and seize opportunities for advancement.

Wellbeing & Balance

We prioritize a positive and supportive work environment, valuing and respecting each team member as an individual.  Our focus on compassion, safety, recognition and fun, fosters a strong sense of community, leading to a productive and beneficial workplace for all.

Personal Growth

Personal growth varies for each individual, but we believe empowering team members to pursue their unique paths leads to increased engagement, fulfillment, and motivation. Our culture of personal growth supports team members' well-being and success, ultimately benefiting the organization's overall success.


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