Brian Strini

President & CEO

Brian Strini has been the driving force behind Machine Solutions' remarkable trajectory since 2005. Beginning his illustrious career at MSI as a Product Manager for balloon pleating/folding and stent crimping product lines, Brian's passion for New Product Development (NPD) saw him introduce a range of innovative products that have since become industry benchmarks. In 2012, he undertook a pivotal role as the Aftermarket Leader, and his strategic vision and leadership prowess soon led him to be named President in 2013, and later, CEO in 2015.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Brian's fervor extends to the great outdoors. He delights in hiking, golfing, snowboarding, camping, and boating, finding balance between the bustling corporate world and the tranquility of nature. Family is central to Brian, sharing cherished moments with his wife Sara, their sons Luca and Milo, and their loyal dog Samie.

Being an integral part of the Medical Device industry, Brian takes pride in the tangible, positive impact that Machine Solutions brings to countless lives.

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