Stent Crimping Solutions

Stent Crimping Solutions

Stent Crimping Expertise & Equipment

Machine Solutions is the original inventor of revolutionary stent crimping techniques. This technology is the proven method used to crimp balloon expandable stents, load self-expanding Nitinol stents and crimp living tissue valves bedside in the cath lab. Our equipment has been used to manufacture millions of life saving devices around the world.

Stent Crimping Technology Designed to Produce the Best Stent Delivery Systems in the World

Machine Solutions is known worldwide for our stent crimping technology which has become the industry standard for crimping bare metal stents, drug-eluting stents and next-generation polymer scaffolds. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a complete range of stent crimpers that are suitable for all of our customer requirements from R&D to high-volume manufacturing.

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Heart Valve Crimping Expertise

Heart valve crimping tools are designed to crimp balloon-expandable and self-expandable heart valves. Machine Solutions’s heart valve crimping technology is user-friendly and extremely versatile. All of our tools can be used in catheter labs and for durable designs for R&D and technology development.

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Accurate Marker Band Positioning

Precise marker band positioning is critical to facilitate accurate stent placement and positioning. MSI’s Automated Marker Band Swaging Equipment automatically positions marker bands within desired positioning tolerances.


  • Accurate and fast positioning and swaging of marker bands
  • Reduce operator labor
  • Improve product positioning accuracy (±0.15mm)
  • Requires no lubrication or shims
  • MSI provides functional and software inspection check lists to support validation activities
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Solutions to Meet ISO 10555 Testing Requirements

Machine Solutions offers a variety of balloon and stent testing equipment and services to support validation and performance testing. Stent performance characteristics include radial stiffness and strength, chronic outward force during expansion and radial reactive force during compression. Similar technology can be used to measure the force required to dislodge a balloon-expandable stent from it’s proper position on a balloon. Each of our stent testing machines feature quick, simple software calibration, along with a high-speed data acquisition system for repeatable results.

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Proven process for loading the world’s most flexible Nitinol stents

MSI’s revolutionary stent loading methods and equipment are used to process self-expanding stents in many leading manufacturing companies. Our superior stent loading equipment provides robust, repeatable solutions for loading stents while eliminating labor-intensive manual processes.

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Automated Stent Crimping Workcell

Machine Solutions is the world leader in stent crimping automation. Our “workcell” technology combines 10 individual process stations into a single integrated machine to increase production rates and reduce labor cost. The system features industry leading stent positioning capabilities so stents are accurately aligned between marker bands. The system can be configured with standard or film integrated stent crimping heads to protect drug coatings from damage and contamination.


  • Single operator can run multiple production processes
  • Parallel processes run simultaneously to optimize takt time and production output
  • Vertical product handling reduces equipment footprint

Stent Crimping Equipment

MSI’s stent crimping equipment has become the industry standard to manufacture most approved stents and scaffolds. All of our stent crimping equipment emphasizes user-control and repeatability, with robust PLC control systems that automate repetitive steps with minimal operator dependency.

By using the best-in-class materials and equipment to produce our machines, our automation platforms increase throughput, improve yields, reduce cycle times and cost. We also offer optimal customer support by providing quality inspection reports and software verification and documentation.

Machine Solutions offers multiple Stent Crimping Machines such as:

  • Drug Coated Stent Crimping
  • Automated Workcell
  • Benchtop Stent Crimping
  • R&D/Pilot Production Stent Crimping

Stent Loading Solutions

MSI’s superior stent loading equipment uses segmental compression technology to reduce the diameter of self-expanding stents. Our robust equipment is used by manufacturing companies all over the world from R&D applications to fully-automated manufacturing equipment. With automated platforms our stent loading equipment provides medical device manufacturers with a more efficient process by increasing throughput, improving yields, reducing cycle times and cost.

Our variety of stent loading equipment includes:

  • Automated stent loading
  • R&D Stent loading
  • Handheld stent crimping tool
  • Disposable heart valve crimping tool

Heart Valve Crimping

MSI’s heart valve crimping tools use proprietary segmental compression technology to reduce the diameter of large stents that have living tissue attached. These tools come in various lengths and diameters and can also be customized to work in various cath labs around the world.

Radial Force Testing

Machine Solutions radial force testing equipment is specifically called out in ASTM standard F3067 – 14 Guide for Radial Loading of Balloon Expandable and Self Expanding Vascular Stents as a preferred apparatus for collection of radial force or hoop force of a stent like device. MSI’s patented compression technology is used to compress cylindrical stents and measure the diameter change and hoop force. This provides characteristics including radial stiffness and strength, chronic outward force during expansion and radial reactive force.

Stent Securement Testing

Machine Solution’s stent testing equipment is proven to produce the most repeatable results compared to tape and shim methods. Our self-aligning system limits operator use so tests results will not be impacted, reducing the number of samples required to get statistically significant results. This equipment can be used for regulatory submissions, competitive product testing, R&D device evaluation and inline manufacturing quality assurance. Our stent testing machines,.give direct feedback on how adjustments to the crimping parameters may impact stent securement results, allowing  R&D engineers to quickly optimize crimper processing settings.

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