Catheter Tipping Solutions

Catheter Tipping Solutions

Industry Leading Catheter Tipping Equipment

As the global leaders for catheter tipping equipment Machine Solutions provides innovative technology for all of your catheter tipping solutions including catheter tip forming, bonds, flares and flanges. Catheter tipping, also known as end forming, is the process of shaping the end of a thermoplastic tube using a thermally conductive mold.

The process to thermoform the distal tip of a catheter into the desired rounded or tapered shape requires heating a die to a specific temperature, then inserting the shaft material to a certain distance. With our superior heating technology and thermal profiling, our equipment is proven to produce precise, high yields at low cost. All of our equipment is safe, easy to use and can quickly produce high quality parts with the ability to be customized to meet throughput demands and integrate with automation platforms.

Automation for Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Machine Solutions has experience delivering fully automated catheter and pharmaceutical manufacturing systems to produce precision medical devices in high volumes. We are also able to offer standard solutions to industry automation leaders to integrate into their complete solutions. Contact us today to discuss your integration or manufacturing needs.

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Eyelets & Holes

Eyelets and holes are a common catheter tipping application used to disperse or collect fluids. This requires precise geometries for access or deployment openings for innovative devices. There are multiple ways to form eyelets and holes including polished eye forming, skiving, punched holes, side porting and hot eye forming.

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Flares & Flanges

Flared ends are often used to provide an enlarged entry point for other components, or as an anti-pullout feature when engaged with other taper interlocking components. The precise external and internal configurations are designed for consistent and reliable fit to other components. Flares and flanges require a precise, repeatable process to be formed accurately. Machine Solutions offers a variety of solutions including hot die, RF molds and 3-piece die tooling to meet the needs of any application.

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Catheter Tipping

Today’s catheter delivery systems rely on increasingly complex shapes, constructions and polymers to deliver their intended treatment.  Many of the catheter tipping and end forming application complexities can only be consistently achieved through advanced technology and proper application of sound engineering principles.

Vante and PlasticWeld RF tipping Systems are the global standards for tipping and end forming equipment.  Superior heating technology, proprietary thermal profiling and a defined customer engagement process lead by our experienced engineers – assure you get the best results possible.

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Automated medical tubing cutter

Tube cutting is a process designed for cutting multiple plastic tubes with small wall thickness. Machine Solutions offers simple cutting fixtures and fully automated depooling machines. Contact us today to find a medical tube cutting solution to meet your needs.

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Increase Production and Shorten Cycle Times: Make 4 Products at Once

The Onyx system incorporates production capabilities of up to four (4) independently controlled Vante tipping stations into a compact tabletop platform which can be supported by a single operator!

Catheter Tipping Equipment Advantages

Vante and PlasticWeld tipping solutions are designed specifically for catheter manufacturing from the circuit board up. Systems consist of an RF Generator (power source), Forming / Welding Platform and Custom Tooling specific to your application. Our equipment is capable of processing all thermoplastics to create a variety of tipping, welding, and forming molds for any application.


  • Closed Loop Temperature Control – better process control and yields
  • Small Heat Zones – ideal for producing small, flash free parts
  • Embedded Heat Coil – eliminate set-up time when switching molds
  • Low Mass Molds- reduced cycle times
  • Small Footprint- compact table top machines ready for integration with automation platforms.

Catheter Tipping Dies Certified to Meet Your Specification

We specialize in the design and production of tip forming dies to suit your production requirements. Die production starts with the selection of high quality alloys. State-of-the-art CNC equipment is used in the production of our precision tipping dies.

We don’t just deliver metal hardware; our process delivers parts that meet your specification and support your validation activities. Our team of engineers certify over 300 tools annually and can apply their expertise to optimize your product.

Catheter Tip Prototype Samples

Machine Solutions recognizes the market’s need to quickly produce sample components to prove design concepts and secure high-volume production projects. Our goal is to get initial proof of concept samples into your hands which are representative of our capabilities and close to the final geometry that your project requires. We have invested in dedicated manufacturing, design & engineering capacity focused on providing the fastest possible production of samples for our customers. LEARN MORE

New BW-TEC Automated Medical Tube Cutter

Achieve optimum results with the BW-TEC Automated Medical Tubing Cutter. This equipment features an adjustable spool fixture, axial cutting dies, an optional vacuum system and standard cutting blades to attain high efficiency and economy!

Simple Tube Cutting Fixtures

Machine Solutions provides simple tube cutting fixtures to provide clean ends for precision tipping and bonding processes. For this simple fixture the cutting head is mounted on a precision linear slide. An industrial cutting blade supported by a product V-guide with a cutting slit is able to produce a perfect rectangular cut. The adjustable stopper guarantees a reproducible length.

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